augercorp has manufactured auger and regular drill rods since 1996 in its factory in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The company is a division of Hardrock Mining Products. The company is a private corporation whose shareholders, management and staff are committed to honourable business practices and reliable service.  

augercorp owns the largest hot-twisting machine known, supplemented by a forge and CNC equipment. The company manufactures all configurations of auger and straight drill rods, left or right rotation, hollow or solid, for mining in hard or soft rock, coal, salt, gypsum and other applications. Shanks, couplings and bits are offered; all are fully compatible with twisted or straight rods.

Quality Assurance
augercorp has an externally-audited quality assurance program that far exceeds ISO 9000 standards. Every employee is committed to our multi-point inspection program, and to providing customers with exactly what they ordered. Our attention to quality results in durability and reliability:  we want you to eventually wear out our rods, not break them! For you this means fewer rods needed in your inventory… and fewer rods needed on site means lower material and transportation costs for you.
Customers Worldwide
augercorp exports worldwide to mines of all types and sizes, hard rock and soft rock… even ice drilling!  We ship every week to every corner of the globe!  We have many long-term customers in Russia, China, Australia, UK, USA, Mexico, Antarctica, Finland, Peru… the list goes on!  How can we help you?

Practical Experience
augercorp can manufacture auger rods and bits to fit your existing set-up. However: are you sure that the drilling set-up you are now using (rods, bits, etc.) is the best for your needs? We have extensive experience with all kinds of mining drilling… why not chat with us to see if we can help you improve your drilling performance? Please complete the contact form and we can chat about it.  We can even offer a free drill rod for you to try in your mine!

It is not by chance that augercorp drills outperform and outlast other mining drill rod products. We have continued to put significant effort over many years into developing and improving our products through an active corporate research and development program. We have invested a great deal of time and money to help our customers improve their drilling efficiencies. How can we help you?